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Drainage and Withdrawal Analysis of Non-Newtonian Fluids thin Films on Vertical Flat Plate


Abdul M. Siddiqui

Department of Mathematics, 
Pennsylvania State University, York Campus, 
1031 Edgecomb Ave.
York, PA 17403, USA

Tahira Haroon, 

Department of Mathematics,
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology,
Park Road, Chak Shahzad,
Islamabad, Pakistan


The drainage and withdrawal processes of thin films of popular non-Newtonian models on vertical flat plate under the influence of gravity are considered.  The flow equations are solved for a broad class of viscoelastic fluids using several newly developed techniques.  Expressions for film thickness, and flow rate are made available in compact dimensionless form.  Solutions are compared to that of the Newtonian fluid film.



BITA 2012